UnitetheArts Weekly "Writing" Honorable Mention - Anton Chekhov - 6/7/2021


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****Did you Laugh one minute, but cry the next? Did you pick up the deep meaning? Were you able to grip onto the ideals that society can have over one another; within tradition vs. free will, being creative individuality vs. political correctness? Well ... We @ UnitetheArts did, and if you felt or feel the way we do from the videos above, you will know why we are happy to connect you to the art of theatre writing and this amaizing man of our history, Anton Chekhov. Well done Sir You are inducted into the Weekly Honorable Writing Mention!

Anton Chekhov
Free Short Stories
: http://www.free-short-stories.org.uk/anton-chekhov-free-short-stories.htm

See Anton's Full Details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anton_Chekhov

****Thanks everyone for enjoying another week with us!