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UnitetheArts Weekly Honorable "Art" Mention - Vidadi Nərimanbəyov 9-9-22

Bombastic Artists Pesents Vidadi Narimanbekov "Azerbaijani: Vidadi Nərimanbəyov "13 July 1926 – 13 December 2001" was a painter, Honored Art Worker and People's Artist

UnitetheArts Weekly Honorable "Art" Mention - Shepard Fairey 8-12-22

This Weeks Honorable "Art" Mention is greatly gifted by UnitetheArts Social to Shepard Fairey UnietheArts is proud to present our Favs:

UnitetheArts Weekly Honorable Art Mention -

Now it is Art Time with this weekly's Honorable Art Mention, who greater can be mentioned than Jean-Michel Basquiat. An amazing Artist of the 80's! Our Favorite Painting:

UnitetheArts Weekly Honorable "Art" Mention - Wing Chun Martial Artist Yip Man Fri the 4th 2021

****The Art of Wing Chun is an old traditional Martail Art form. So when today you meet this weeks "Honorable Art Mention" ... you will know why we chose "Yip Man"!

UnitetheArts Weekly Honorable "Art" Mention - Leonid Afremov

Bombastic Artists is happy to announce this weeks Weekly Honorable "Art" Mention! *Leonid Afremov, Born on July 12th, 1955, and died August 19th, 2019! He will be missed in the Painters world! * **Please read: