Gifted Musicians

UnitetheArts Weekly Honorable "Music" Mention - Sept 28th 2022 - Shpongle

Shpongle is a psychedelic electronic music project from England that formed in 1996. The group includes Hallucinogen and Raja Ram (one of three in The Infinity Project). The duo are considered to be one of the progenitors of the

UnitetheArts Weekly Honorable "Music" Mention 9-7-22 /

Our Weekly Honorable Music Mention is proud to present: The Sisters of Mercy The Sisters of Mercy are an English r

UnitetheArts Weekly Honorable Music Mention 8-10-22 / The GREEN CLOUDS

This Weeks Honorable "Music" Mention goes to The GREEN CLOUDS Genre: KELTRONIC MUSIC Trance Celtica

UnitetheArts Weekly Honorable Music Mention - The Killdares

"What better friends could you ever have in a band. Grovey ... Sensational" - Nathaniel Hammel Our Top Pick: "Whiskey In The Jar" Live at the Granada Theater

UnitetheArts Weekly Honorable Music Mention - Hang Massive -

"Hang Massive, what spaceship did you come to this earth on?" -Nathaniel Hammel

UnitetheArts Weekly Honorable Mention - Nostra Morte (Our Death)

This week's honorable mention goes to this musicianal Italian band and their talented Opera Stars: You are worth the mention NOTRA MORTE! Our Top 3: #3- Camino a

UnitetheArts Weekly Honorable "Music" Mention - Wed 2nd 2020

Absolutely Amazing to announce to you! This week honorable mention goes to these talented and cultural Musicians, The HU! #3) Wolf Totem (Official Music Video)