UnitetheArts Weekly Honorable Music Mention - Hang Massive -

"Hang Massive, what spaceship did you come to this earth on?" -Nathaniel Hammel https://hangmassive.com/p...

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"Hang Massive, what spaceship did you come to this earth on?" -Nathaniel Hammel


Danny Cudd and Markus “Offbeat" Johansson met in 2010 in India and formed Hang Massive soon after. They were one of the first acts to become known for playing the Hang, and quickly gained followers for their music videos, becoming "the epitome of the Hang".[1] The duo released its original composition "Once Again" on YouTube in 2011, garnering more than 49 million views as of 2020.[2] Read More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hang_Massive


At UnitetheArts we apreciat wonderful people that can capture your soul with sound, and Danny and Markus does not know how to not be this inspirational to your ear & heart! Thank you for being this weeks Honorable Mention! :)

For every one else who joined us today. Thank you! Without us, there are no fans!